Kiwi Popsicle

Saber que posso cobrir algo com chocolate e ainda assim ser saudável, é algo que me deixa feliz!

When I can cover something in chocolate and still know that it’s healthy, I’m a happy gal!
(I’m reblogging showfoodchef cause this is such a great post/recipe!)

Picolés de Kiwi.
Chocolate Kiwi Popsicles.

Se você estiver imaginando a quantidade de fruta existente nesses petiscos gelados, olhe de perto.
Estes picolés são realmente um pedaço da fruta coberta com uma fina camada de chocolate.
Simplesmente isso. Eu poderia enrolar, mas esta é a receita e ponto.

If you’re wondering how much fruit is really in these chilly snack bars, take a good look.
It’s literally a slice of kiwifruit that has been dipped in a very thin, but crispy coating of chocolate and coconut oil.
That’s it. I could ramble on, but that’s the recipe, period.

1) Descasque e corte o kiwi em rodelas de 1 cm de espessura, com um palito nas extremidades. Congele em uma bandeja no freezer.
1) Kiwi – peeled and cut in 1 inch thick rounds, with a popsicle stick in each round. Freeze on a tray in the freezer.

2) 1 xícara de chocolate (de sua preferência) derretido e 1/2 xícara de óleo de coco.
2) 1 cup Chopped dark chocolate and 1/2 cup Coconut oil – melted over a double boiler, then cooled to room temp.

3) Mergulhe cada kiwi-picolé na mistura de chocolate e segure até ficar seco e recoloque na bandeja para colocar no freezer de novo.
3) Dip each Kiwi-pop into the chocolate mixture (it will immediately turn crispy) and place on a tray to refreeze or pass around right now.






13 thoughts on “Kiwi Popsicle

    • Verdica says:

      It looks so tasty doesn´t it???
      Where are you from?
      I bet you could do the same thing with almost any fruit!

      • Verdica says:

        Hmmm…anything is good with marshmallow..or chocolate.. 🙂
        I´m in Brazil!

      • Verdica says:

        Nice to know you too!
        I think I can say that I´m starting to (really) like…
        I can´t say I´m really good at it yet though… 😉

      • desisonia says:

        great, what ur favorite Brazil’s dishes? 🙂
        by the way, have u any other social network such as facebook or twitter?

      • Verdica says:

        Well, I´m vegetarian so I don´t have one in particular…I try to adapt the traditional ones taking the meat off and adding vegetables!
        I´m on twitter: @blogverdica

  1. Carol Oliveira says:

    Oiee, já chegamos em Araraquara, vou tentar fazer a receita antes do regime para perder os 5 Kg que ganhamos aí!!

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