Birth Story

Well, since I got pregnant one of the things that have been mostly on my mind was what would be our – so called – birth plan. Apparently this is a big thing that everyone talks about but I had no idea what people meant when they mentioned it to me. As this was my first pregnancy I freaked out a little bit but then started watching some natural births on Youtube – which I thought it would scare me to death but it ended up inspiring me a lot and giving me confidence to choose the most natural birth I could have.

Differently from Brazil, here in Germany women don’t like the idea of having C-sections (of course that if you or your baby need one, then you will do whatever is best) and both doctor and moms-to-be will do whatever it takes to try and have a normal birth.

IMG-20151211-WA0012(No, we don’t speak spanish in Brazil, my argentinian friend wrote that!)

I chose the hospital where I would have the baby around 3-4 months before his due date ( January 15th) but by that day Basti was really relaxed and not in the mood to come out at all! :p
So we kept going to the hospital every two days to monitor the baby’s heart and see if everything was ok. The normal procedure here is to wait until the 42nd week to see if the baby comes spontaneously and if by that day he doesn’t, then we start inducing contractions, which was our case. Saturday morning – January 23rd – me and my partner went for the baby check up at the hospital, and we already knew that they might suggest that we stayed to start inducing, so after they checked that the baby was fine, with normal heartbeat, they said we could go home, pick up our suitcase, have lunch and come to the hospital to start inducing the labour or come back on Sunday. When they said that I felt shivers down my spine, as if I had to make a really difficult decision but the truth is I couldn’t stand being pregnant anymore…he was taking so long that at this point I just felt I was going to be pregnant forever! So we did what we had to do and came back to the hospital, got our room and went to the examination room (which I didn’t know I’be going every two hours to check his heart and take one pill to stimulate contractions).
The first night at the hospital was fine. The contractions started but they were still light as if I was having period cramps, so I had some reasonable amount of sleep and only continued the process on sunday 7am.
I had taken one pill the night before and around 10am they decided to give one more. I started having some dilation but we were still a few hours far from the actual birth…
Around lunchtime the contractions were getting more and more intense and we were playing Sudoku and being checked every hour or so, until the nurse saw I was around 5cm dilated and sent me to the “birth room”. Even though the pain was pretty strong by then, I had a really wonderful midwife there and she was very thoughtful. She gave me a piece of cotton with lemon essential oil so I would smell it to make the baby more active (while I was in pain he was sleeping most of the time! 🙂 ) Then she suggested I’d go to a tub to help me relax a little bit, I was getting really tired, so I went there and tried my best to relax a little…although the contractions felt a little better, I got really nauseated and ended up throwing up as soon as I got out of the tub :/ and the midwife checked my dilation and suggested that I would take an epidural because my cervix was not in the right position and that was actually causing me even more pain than it should. This was around 10pm and I was feeling exhausted so I agreed to the epidural.


During this whole time Igor, my partner, was being awesome. Making me laugh, giving me water and choosing a cool playlist to help me relax (Dave Mathews Band and during the actual labour, Gilberto Gil). But when a couple of doctors came to the room with the equipment for the epidural I could see the tension in his eyes… He stood there really calm but I could see it and then, as soon as they left the room his eyes filled with tears… but I was just soooooo happy and relaxed! I could finally rest! I actually took a nap during one hour! And then when the midwife came to check me I was finally fully dilated and ready!
Slowly they started to remove/or just stopped giving me more, I’m not so sure, epidural and I started feeling the contractions again so I could push. After this, he came after less than one hour.
He was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen! Eyes were completely open and barely cried! The midwife put him on my chest and he just knew what to do. My baby had 3.900 kg and was 53cm long!
After 30 min I was standing up and walking him to our room.
I always heard stories but never really believed that labour could be so beautiful, special and magical, but it was! Girls, believe me and believe your bodies. We are so capable of this! It is hard but at the same time so empowering.