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Hello there!

I have to say that I´ve really missed being here!
After my last post so much has changed in my life that I guess I was just too overwhelmed to keep it up. I know this is such a lame excuse, but let me update you then:

I moved to Germany.
Yeah baby, for real.
Almost two years ago, I started thinking about the idea of changing something big in my life. The fact that my boyfriend had the opportunity to come and do his Masters studies here was a big push, of course. So after around three months of him being here I packed my bags, my courage and my will to discover a new culture and a new language, which, by the way, I´m still struggling with and got in an airplane!

germany, munich, by the lake
 I really believe that we are always where we are supposed to be.
Despite the difficulties, like being away from family and friends, there are many amazing things happening here. We are always meeting new people, new places and new food. Learning new things daily is also a plus. We can ride our bikes almost anywhere and the public transportation is really good. But, most of all, we feel safe here. This last item has been particularly important to us, especially now that we are becoming parents ❤ . That’s the second ground breaking change in our lives which is, at the same time, really scary and exciting!
It has turned my world upside down, in the best way possible. Our baby boy will arrive in January and is already moving so much! I feel like he already has such a playful personality! I hope that with time I can get some advice and some support from more experienced mamas that occasionally pass by. (I know I’ll definetly scream for help at some point!)

baby, babies, love

I´ve been taking the time during my pregnancy to connect with my body and to meditate on how my life is gonna change in the future, but I think nothing can really prepare me for that, so I’m just accepting every beautiful thing that’s coming my way.
I guess it will be one of those things you just have to experience to really understand it and I´m looking forward to it!

That´s it for today. I´ll be coming more often. Stay tuned!

Oi pessoal!!

Senti falta de escrever aqui no blog! São tantas novidades que nem sei por onde começar…
Me mudei para Alemanha e estou esperando meu primeiro filhotinho! Estamos todos muito felizes com a notícia e espero passar por aqui mais vezes contando as novidades e os desafios dessa nova aventura! 🙂